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9th Anniversary Run • August 15, 2021 (Sunday)

In keeping to Phase 2 Circuit Breaker, we will not be holding our 8th Anniversary Run this 2020.

Given the uncertainty, instead of postponing indefinitely, we look forward to our 9th Anniversary Run in 2021.

Come challenge yourself to Singapore's hilliest 10km & 21km Half Marathon!


Your #1 Run community

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Ridge Runners has been making a name for itself as the best leisure run club in Singapore since August 2012. Our mission is to encourage a life-style of keeping fit and living healthy.  Whether you are a runner or not, all are welcome; come walk, jog or run, just give yourself an hour of you.

Don't miss out our weekly fellowship every Sunday morning 6:30am (Mount Faber CarPark D).  Join us and become a part of our community!  While we have all learn to make a living, let us not forget to make a life.




No one really taught any of us how to enjoy a run. We are all typically tossed into running 2.4km with a required (passing) time for our physical fitness test.  This resulted us pushing ourselves well beyond our lactate threshold (i.e. greater than 85% of maximum heart rate or 75% of maximum oxygen intake) where our body is unable to breakdown the lactate produced.  No joy.

Understanding this and how also to coax the release of endorphins, one can learn the importance of proper technique as cornerstone of the run sports discipline.

From starting with just 1km run a day to completing Marathon Des Sables (250km), World Marathon (7 Marathons, in 7 Continents, in 7 Days), Worlds' Coldest Marathon (North Pole), to racing across Patagonia (250km), etc. came born Ridge Runners.

Join the "RR" fellowship in keeping fit & living healthy.  It is a lifestyle choice; make it yours!


Make it happen! Join Us!

Swing by every and any Sunday morning (in Singapore) and join us on our weekly mission, for an hour, to "keep fit • live health".

No registration, no fees; just be there 6:20am for a 6:30am start.

Run with us on any Sunday morning and you are in automatically a part of our "RR" community.  We look forward to welcoming you to our fellowship.

Meeting point: Mount Faber Park Car Park D • Just off Pender Road, Singapore

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How Do I Register for the August Anniversary Run?

It's simple; just complete the form above and you are all set to go!  Make sure you make clear in the message section whether you are participating in the 10km or half marathon option.  Remember to report on time.

How Do I join Ridge Runners Facebook Closed Group?

Ridge Runners run every Sunday morning(s) 6:20am; meeting at Mount Faber Carpark D (Pender Road). Just join us on any Sunday run and you will be welcomed to the RR community and added to the Facebook (closed) Group.

Is Anniversary Run and Sunday weekly runs the same route?

The 10km route is pretty much the same. However, as a result of the large turn-out every year for the Anniversary Run, instead of running from Mount Faber toward Hort Park and back (as we do every Sunday), the run is reversed from Hort Park to Mount Faber and back.

How do we know the run route? Is there a mobile app?

Ridge Runners App is available both on Apple <> and Android <<>. It is first of its kind.  Not only does it offer the route map, it also tracks individual user run stats while offering simultaneous real-time group tracking.

Does the Anniversary Run have a Medal for finishers?

Being Singapore's toughest & hilliest 10km + 21km, there is indeed a Ridge Runners medal (specially designed every year). You will have to use the app to track completion of run in order to receive the medal.  Makes a great runners' collection.

Is there a Dry-Fit Ridge Runners T-Shirt

Yes.  Each year, a special collectors-edition Ridge Runners Dry-Fit is designed and produced.  Unfortunately, for the public one-off participants, these are given to regular Sunday runners only. Join us on any (other) Sunday(s), and get your Ridge Runners Dry-Fit FREE.